Old posts

Yes, I killed my old blog, and no, I’m not really remorseful about it. There were probably some interesting posts buried deep in the archives (I had been posting there since circa 2004 I think), and I did make a backup of everything so if you’re desperate for some bit of information, you can try contacting me and I may be able to dig it up for you.

I make no promises about keeping this blog to a specific topic. This is my general purpose blog where I post about pretty much anything. You’re likely to find pictures of my kids interspersed with posts about business, web development, life in general and anything else that may take my fancy.

I’ve got Tumblr set to pull in my Twitter stream, so you may see a bunch of very short, out of context comments here and there.

Jonathan.Lane will slowly become more of a “professional me” site where I’ll stash my C.V. and such, and of course Industry Interactive is my company web site. It’s long overdue for a facelift at this point too.

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