Why are all of the good Twitter clients on the iPhone? We need some good desktop ones (good = non-AIR preferably)

I did not know that you can use regexp in your mySQL queries. That might come in handy somewhere…

Something was causing Safari 4 to crash on startup. Speed Download 5? GlimmerBlocker?

Loading up IE to see if I can’t get the U of L to stop forwarding me spam from MS Exchange

You know, I was going to clean the 15,000+ messages out of that mailbox too, but fuck it. Outlook web access is just too painful.

And that’s a wrap. Inbox zero woot! I think I even managed to keep my Todos lists in Basecamp the same length.

Good run this morning. New personal best. Now, back to work.

Think I’m burned out for the day. That cold that was going around finally found it’s way to me.

Feeling pretty good about this piece of code. Yup, makes my elbows feel good.