Organized mind

I’m going through a phase that I hope lasts for quite some time.

I’ve taken up running again. I hate the process of “getting back into” running. It’s so slow, painful and frustrating. I can remember being on vacation on Mayne Island (where I now live) a couple of years ago, and going for a painless 45 minute run. It felt great. While it tired me out, it didn’t leave me feeling breathless and sore.

Pardon the Flash – it’s the only way I can share run data out of This link gives a better picture though.

But I’ve been out of running for a while. I could attribute it to a number of things, but really it just boils down to getting lazy. I’m the morning person in our house, so when the kids wake up in the morning, I’m “on”. Mornings are the only time I can get my butt out the door though. I think my mom (I think it was mom) said it well when she said that any later, and you just give yourself too much time to come up with excuses. It’s true. Running at night doesn’t happen for me because “I’m too tired”, or “I worked extra hard today”, or “The kids really wore me out”. Bollocks.

But this post isn’t about any of that, it’s about a side-effect that I’ve noticed from regular exercise, that you would think would be ample incentive for me to continue exercising (but apparently it isn’t). When I work out in the morning, it sets the tone for the day. I’m more relaxed, better able to deal with things. My temper is in check. I can think more clearly and get things done more efficiently. I get the urge to clean and organize everything in my life. Today I managed to get all of my ongoing projects squared away and organized. I vacuumed my office. I tidied up my desk.

My energy level increases too. I can make it though a long day (my typical day runs 6:00 AM to midnight) without dragging. My immune system is boosted; the kids have a cold, but I’m showing no signs of catching it (knock on wood). All of this from 30 to 40 minutes of cardio in the morning.

Let’s hope my lazy side doesn’t re-gain the upper-hand anytime soon.

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