Slowed momentum

Man it’s hard to keep going on projects sometimes.  I’m still waiting on approval of my merchant account (of course they don’t work weekends).  Does it honestly take two weeks to approve and set up a payment gateway and merchant account?

The most frustrating part is that I’m operating at a loss on a couple of services, even though they could be break even or even profitable – I just can’t get paid for them.  It bleeds over into other services though; I just started working on Brainfile, which I’ve been putting off for years.  I won’t be able to launch it to the public for free though: the operating costs would just be too high (bandwidth and storage).

I realize that’s a bit cryptic.  The idea behind Brainfile is that it is “micro version control” for collaborating with others.  Subversion, Git, Mercurial are all pretty technical, and not necessarily something you want to set up and learn just to be able to collaborate on that research paper, or work with your assistant on those quarterly financials.

Slowly trying to get things together

It’s not that things have been in shambles, but things haven’t been as optimal as they could be.  Similar to how I work on projects, I’ve been trying to progressively enhance other aspects of life/work.

Running/fitness has been going pretty well.  I seem to be able to stick to a once every couple of days schedule, but have slipped a couple of times when the weather has been particularly bad.  I was supposed to run this morning, but I had a really poor sleep last night and I’ve been feeling a bit off all day.

I’ve moved most of my blogs and such over to Tumblr.  It’s not that I dislike WordPress, in fact I miss it on occasion, but I just can’t be bothered to maintain the installs and migrate my old data. has been live for several years (I seem to think I started in 2003, but it might have even been before that).  The earliest entries I’ve got kicking around are from when my oldest son was born.

I need to put something a little more solid up for Industry Interactive, but I just haven’t been satisfied with any of my efforts so far.  I may take another swing at it soon.

I wish Safari would let you Cmd-z the last closed tab

New twitter productivity strategy: no desktop client. Only phone.

At least I got Coda back up and playing nice with SVN. Had to update to 1.6 RC3 though 😐 Hope that doesn’t bite me

I should write a country and western song today. What a crappy day!

I’m having an incredibly crappy day. First payment processor issues, now Coda is crapping on SVN.

Can I have a do-over for today? Please?

Writing tip: if you call your product “easy” and “simple”, it should probably not take several hours to implement… just sayin’

RT @lanej0: Anyone know how to get Paypal to not require a billing address (Website Payments Pro)?

Love the idea of #spreedly, but their lack of documentation/help is proving to be a major pain in the arse