Time for another “starting over” post!

So yeah… flyingtroll.com used to be on tumblr. I lost a solid chunk of my usernames & passwords earlier this year and unfortunately tumblr was one of those casualties. It wasn’t so much a problem with the password, as it was with the 2fa I had set up — I had long since lost the recovery codes. There’s a lesson to be learned here folks.

I had Instagram set up to automatically push new posts to tumblr, so I could have just carried on indefinitely. Unless I ever needed to do anything with my blog. Why not start over, it’s probably better than just posting pictures non-stop?

No lofty promises that I’ll be posting on the regular. But at least I have that option again! I may roll mytested.com in here as well, just to class things up a bit. Or maybe I’ll keep things completely personal over here… try not to let the suspense kill you!

I’ll set the home page up with blog posts, and have Instagram goodness come in under photos. I’m using a plugin to show the Instagram stuff currently… maybe that will change in the future.

Edit: Support helped me re-gain access to my archive, so I exported/imported it. This starting over isn’t so much of a start as a continuation now!

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