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  • Happy 4th birthday

    Baxter turns 4 today.

  • #bagomattic

    Came out even better than I expected! I’ve played around with multiple colour/fabrics with Timbuk2 before, but I opted to go clean and simple with this one… and I love it.

  • It’s beginning to look at lot like… wait.

  • The community guitar

    It seemed like a perfect night for some pizza, Baxter cuddles and movies. It’s been a weird day! There was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the night. Didn’t cause any damage, but I didn’t sleep through it either. Then it was snowing earlier as well. Not enough to stay on the ground, […]

  • Personal space?

    I’m always amazed at how he still believes he’s a lap dog.

  • Log jam

    Log jam

    It feels a bit like Mayne Island is surrounded by a ring of debris. There’s so many trees/bits of trees in the water all over the place.

  • Rain, rain. Go away.

    Rain, rain. Go away.

    Heavy rain all weekend. Cozy times for couch cuddles, but not much else. It’s been a bit of a torture test all around. Looks like I have some maintenance that needs attending to around the house. Lots of roads are very stream-like now.

  • Really need to get on that fireplace

    Really need to get on that fireplace

    Daylight savings sucks. Winter in general sucks. Baxter has repeatedly put in requests to move somewhere sunny year-round. He has simple requirements: no colder than 15°C, no hotter than 20°C. Very little rain, maybe some sand to play in. It’s 4:30, and it’s almost dark out. It hasn’t really been bright all day though, so […]

  • Days are too short

    Days are too short

    I don’t mean that they’re too short as in “there aren’t enough hours in the day”, but rather that there just isn’t enough daylight this time of year. Normally I’d be thinking about booking a holiday someplace sunny and then having that to look forward to, but I’m still not sure if the time is […]

  • Apple TV

    I’m going to give one of these a shot. My only major problem with it is that the TV available in Canada is really limited. Guess I’ll just have to keep on with my current TV acquisition system, but I am looking forward to giving movie rentals a shot.

  • Victoria/Gulf Islands Co-working

    So after searching in vain for a year for any sort of co-working opportunities this side of the Straight, one of my friends on the island asked me today if I was interested in the idea.  From what I gather, Victoria just doesn’t have any good space for this kind of an idea.  I thought […]

  • Old posts

    Yes, I killed my old blog, and no, I’m not really remorseful about it. There were probably some interesting posts buried deep in the archives (I had been posting there since circa 2004 I think), and I did make a backup of everything so if you’re desperate for some bit of information, you can try […]

  • Being flexible for clients

    I’ve been looking at ways of expanding operations, and moving into a few different lines of business lately.  It’s probably my undergraduate degree in Biology at work, but I think that the healthiest companies are those with a range of products and services (as well as clients). So, with that in mind, one of the […]