Face recognition in iPhoto 09 is pretty cool. Works reasonably well with adults – kids, well, it gets confused

Seems to have trouble with my wife’s face though…

Thank goodness for SVN. Just saved me probably an hour of work.

Whole family slept in until 10:30 (minus me). I got 4 solid hours in this morning before seeing anyone!

Wow, twitter’s getting good at killing bogus accounts

Twitter is forbidding me to login. Nice 403 error there guys…

Really wish there was some other quiet place with Internet on this island where I could go to get work done

Apple TV

I’m going to give one of these a shot. My only major problem with it is that the TV available in Canada is really limited. Guess I’ll just have to keep on with my current TV acquisition system, but I am looking forward to giving movie rentals a shot.

Awesome. My kids (“napping” in separate rooms) are yelling at each other upstairs

Love it when religious groups knock on my door to tell me about all of the evils of the Internet. 90% of what I do is liquor web sites…