Came out even better than I expected! I’ve played around with multiple colour/fabrics with Timbuk2 before, but I opted to go clean and simple with this one… and I love it.

The community guitar

It seemed like a perfect night for some pizza, Baxter cuddles and movies.

It’s been a weird day! There was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the night. Didn’t cause any damage, but I didn’t sleep through it either. Then it was snowing earlier as well. Not enough to stay on the ground, but weird times.

Log jam

It feels a bit like Mayne Island is surrounded by a ring of debris. There’s so many trees/bits of trees in the water all over the place.

Rain, rain. Go away.

Heavy rain all weekend. Cozy times for couch cuddles, but not much else. It’s been a bit of a torture test all around. Looks like I have some maintenance that needs attending to around the house. Lots of roads are very stream-like now.

Really need to get on that fireplace

Daylight savings sucks. Winter in general sucks. Baxter has repeatedly put in requests to move somewhere sunny year-round. He has simple requirements: no colder than 15°C, no hotter than 20°C. Very little rain, maybe some sand to play in.

It’s 4:30, and it’s almost dark out. It hasn’t really been bright all day though, so overcast and gloomy.

Days are too short

I don’t mean that they’re too short as in “there aren’t enough hours in the day”, but rather that there just isn’t enough daylight this time of year. Normally I’d be thinking about booking a holiday someplace sunny and then having that to look forward to, but I’m still not sure if the time is right to attempt international travel.

It’s that time of year where you hear yourself saying “I could really use a nap” a lot. I think I first said it at 7:30 this morning. I’ve played around with timed lighting to help me get up in the morning, and it does help, but it’s still not quite enough. It’s dark when I’m driving the kids to the dock in the morning, and it’s dark when I pick them up at night.

The crazy part is that we’re still a month and a half away from winter solstice. The days are still getting shorter right up until December 21st. Oh, but we have daylight savings to help! Ugh, that should completely throw off everyone for at least a couple of weeks.