Flying the point

I got a little braver with the drone today and flew it out of my direct line of sight (flying based on my screen alone). That let me get a little more range and fly out to the point.

Drone fun

I picked up a little mini drone a few months back, and the weather was clear enough today for a quick flight. My skills are terrible (I was mostly focussed on not crashing) and the cinematography is bad as a result. But here’s where I live!

Evening walks

My favourite part of summer is that it stays light out at night. This walk would be pretty perilous in the dark, but it’s so nice when the sun is just starting to set.

Overgrown tracks


Apparently, I have a high school grad now! Reilly finished out strong, making honour roll and winning the Golden Hammer award for the TASK program. He’s already landed a job working on a build on Mayne and is really enjoying himself.


Came out even better than I expected! I’ve played around with multiple colour/fabrics with Timbuk2 before, but I opted to go clean and simple with this one… and I love it.

The community guitar

It seemed like a perfect night for some pizza, Baxter cuddles and movies.

It’s been a weird day! There was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the night. Didn’t cause any damage, but I didn’t sleep through it either. Then it was snowing earlier as well. Not enough to stay on the ground, but weird times.

Log jam

It feels a bit like Mayne Island is surrounded by a ring of debris. There’s so many trees/bits of trees in the water all over the place.